Mar 25, 2010

Obama humiliates Netanyahu

Obama can meet, be seen and photographed, have press conferences, with every cholera from the Middle East or other parts of the world, but to be seen in public after a meeting with Netanyahu, is not appropriate?

An administration official said "photographs would have been inappropriate given the current situation" as the reason why no photographs were taken of the two of them during or after their meetings, and why there was no joint press conference.

It is ok for the US to humiliate Israel, treating it publicly in a degrading fashion, yet they get all huffy and insulted when Israel announces plans to expand a Jewish neighborhood?

If he wants to be treated with respect and goodwill, he should treat us that way as well.


  1. Ah, but you forget; Israel and the United States are not equal.

    Should Israel just straight disappear tomorrow (a la Amelia Earhart), the United States would go on pretty much as normal.

    Should the United States just straight disappear tomorrow, not only will Israel suffer an immediate economic tailspin (since about 40% of its exports go to the US) but would face much more serious problems from the now 4-member UN Security Council in the next year.

  2. and why does that point give them the right to humiliate us, especially considering our level of alliance?

  3. Look, Amer is not abandoning Is. Obama & co. know the Arabs will never be their friends. Asad meeting with Ahmed. and Hizz. after Clinton asked Asad to move away from iran. They're not stupid, but they're not going to be pushed around and made to look stupid and have their VP insulted. This was all personal, so they took Net. to the wood shed by demanding he come to the W.H. for a talking to, have him enter thru the backdoor, be greeted by a secretary but have it all on the news; then no press confab, not even talking notes released after the meet, and have him scurry out the backdoor. Politics is all personal as they say in Chicago, and the Chgo gang is running Washington. This is old school Chgo. meanwhile Amer voted 4 times this week against UN resolutions condemning Is.

  4. Meir, if America disappears tomorrow the entire world goes into a tailspin and emerges as the horror Orwell wrote about. Israel won't be the only sufferer.

    As for Obama, he's following his standard foreign policy: bash your friends, love your enemies. Israel is America's biggest friend, therefore it gets the most bashing.

  5. Obama has turned out to be an excellent student of the Jew-hating Rev. Wright.

    May these Jew-haters get their just desserts.

  6. Didnt anyone see the non nuclear alliance being formed between O and (Putin) .... Medvedev; and that O is flying to russia to sign the document?
    "Treaty to cut US-Russia nukes; signing in 2 weeks" yahoo news. IS O THE NEW WWII CHAMBERLAIN?

  7. Obama can only humiliate Bibi because Bibi is willing to be humiliated. Bibi should have said out right "Listen here Mr President. I don't don't tell you what to build in Washington so mind your own business and don't tell me what to do in Jerusalem"

  8. I second what Shimon A said.
    Arabs wouldnt stand for it. Israelis beg for it

  9. @Rafi It's not so much a 'right' as an 'ability to do so in the relationship' (this is assuming we consider it humiliation);

    unlike, say, FM Lieberman with the Brazilian president (where there unfortunately exists the real and scary danger of Brazil joining the Venezuela/Bolivia/Cuba nutjob
    faction, which would hurt Israel to the tune of about a billion a year in exports; would hurt Brazil a bit too, but far less given that their country and economy are far bigger)

    @Garnel perhaps Israel won't be the ONLY victim, but it will be a major victim.

    Whereas the part about the disappearance of Israel having little effect on the US is perfectly apt


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