Mar 7, 2010

Iranian TV on Haredi life (video)

Bechadrei hosted this video, though I don't understand a word of it, with the introduction that it ran on Iranian TV and is an investigative report about Haredi life in Israel, and recommended adopting some of the practices of the Haredi community - such as kosher cell phones, Machon Tzomet and more...


  1. Actually the Iranians probably have much more in common with Charedim here than the average Israeli does

  2. Machon Tzomet is hardly an innovation of the Haredi community. The initiators and most of the participants to this day are members of the Zionist Imperialist Conspiracy's Religious faction.

  3. Thanks, this was nice: Yahoud, Orthodox, Koshur, Telephone; almost every other word was 'koshur'.

    AND didn't you see Jameel's SMILEY!

  4. The Iranian government would love kosher cellphones, with no texting capabilities. The resistance movement over there has used a lot of texting to coordinate their activities.

  5. Actually if you'd replace those turbans on the ayatolla's with hamburgs...the reseblance can be frightening


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