Mar 17, 2010

Lokshen and Knish do them in

Top contenders in the Mississippi Statewide Spelling Bee were eliminated by misspelling Yiddish words.

One could not handle lokshen, and the second was done away by a knish.

Oy gevalt.


  1. you see, we just made 2 new anti-semites!

  2. pathetic. The spelling bee booklet is so authoritative.

  3. How the heck can they have transliterated words in an English-language spelling bee?

    What if they had the word Chanukah... Hannuka... Khanuqwa... errr.. whatever.

    Lokshen isn't even listed on the Webster website (and comes up as a typo with spellcheck). Knish is however (and doesn't come up as a typo).


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