Mar 4, 2010


So now they pray there 24 hours a day, let them stop for one hour.

--- Chief Justice Dorit Beinish

Beinish said this regarding a debate about a protest by the residents of Shiekh Jarrah that has been rejected by the police, due to the danger and lack of control. The police believe the situation in the neighborhood is very sensitive, and they have regular events of violent protests and stone throwings, and one of the issues the polcie are concerned about is the Jewish worshipers in the complex of the grave of SHimon HaTzaddik.

I wonder if Beinish would say the same about Muslim or Christian worshipers as a way of solving a logistical problem....

Furthermore, regarding Temple Mount, the Supreme Court has decided in the past that Jews have a right to pray there. They have left it up to the discretion of the police to decide n the ground based on the dangers and issues they consider at any given moment.

So in Sheikh Jarrah the police say the situation is sensitive and we cannot allow the protest, but the court says too bad, deal with it, find a way to allow the protest to happen safely.

On Temple Mount, the Court says prayer is allowed but it is up to the police to decide if it is safe or not. The police say it is not safe, and the court doesn't tell them they have to find a way to deal with it, but the court says the police have the final decision....

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