Mar 10, 2010

Muslims slaughter Christians and nobody cares

Israel injures or kills one person, tragically, in a mistake while defending civilians from attack, or as part of a raid against a terrorist cell, and the whole world is in an uproar.

In Nigeria yesterday, Muslims murdered 400 Christians for no particular reason. They shot gunfire to get peoples attention. When they came to see what was going on, they just cut them down with machetes - small children, old men - whoever could not run away. As well, they destroyed 300 churches.

Muslim gangs attacked three villages in central Nigeria and killed up to 400 Christians in pre-dawn attacks on March 7. “The shooting was just meant to bring people from their houses, and then when people came out they started cutting them with machetes,” said one witness. Another added, “We saw mainly those who are helpless, like small children and then the older men, who cannot run, these were the ones that were slaughtered.”

Some 300 Christian churches have been destroyed in the area around Jos during the past four years. In an interview with Aid to the Church in Need, Archbishop Ignatius Kaigama of Jos described his efforts to have friendly relations with Muslims, the effects of the local imposition of Sharia, and the caution with which he catechizes potential Muslim converts, some of whom “come just because they want to infiltrate.”

No public condemnation, no UN sanctions or threats, no UN Council discussion, etc. I guess nobody cares about them.


  1. I don't.

    Although I could pretend to care I really just don't.

    But I reckon thats fair. They wouldn't care if I was killed in a rampage of violence.

  2. Doesn't this remind one of the 'Crusades' only in reverse?

    One of the Kennedys freaked out in the Senate over the 'news obsession over Massa' while the war in Afghanistan continues. I heard a tape of his meltdown and he was just about in tears! What this says is that the media diverts the masses away from the really important news. Some say this is more of the censorship taking over America. Only 'certain' talk radio and the internet show what is happening.

  3. Incidents like these are proof that condemnation of Israel stems from anti-semitism rather than concern for human rights.

    It is important to point this out every time. Y'asher Koach

  4. From a relative in the US:

    "The mass murder in Nigeria did get a lot of coverage for 2-3 days In the WSJ, LA Times, and NY times, and on the Google news feed. But then the media moved on...."

    So it did receive more coverage than you claim. The lack of op-eds however is a valid claim.

  5. wrong victims? wrong perpetrators?

    It doesn't fit the whole good guy /bad guy scenario ppl would like.


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