Mar 24, 2010

The chicken crossed the street because...

The chicken crossed the street because...he didn't realize he was a chicken.

During the pre-Pesach shechita (many more chickens are being shechted now because of the upcoming holiday), an unusual chicken has been found. A chicken with no tail. A chicken with no tail is discussed in the gemara as to how it should be considered and whether "gid ha'nashe" applies to it or not, and it is left as a question with no answer. Animals require the sinew to be removed, and they have a rounded bone. The chicken with no tail also has the same rounded bone (smaller of course), and therefore, with its physiology being different, is questionable whether it should be treated like an animal and have the sinew removed, or like a bird and not remove it.

Because the situation is one of a safek regarding a Torah law, Rav Avraham Dov Auerbach paskened that the sinew should be removed.

This situation is extremely rare, so the psak is not common.

(source: Ladaat)


  1. Another ill-timed report was leaked before Bibi met with the US President! IMHO This is part of a drive for REGIME CHANGE in Israel. They want Bibi OUT! G-d forbid.

    There is a "leftist mole" or "moles" somewhere in the govt. and this is deliberately timed to work against Bibi, and for a change in PM. The good Israelis must find out who it is and do something about it. Trace it back to one of Clinton's "friends" she acknowledged at the AIPAC conf. or to J Street; there's a definite connec. betw them and the leftists in Israel, up to NO GOOD!

  2. Help...I'm trapped on lachish and I can't get outMarch 24, 2010 4:50 PM

    I think that the chicken crossed the street to stay away from the Pesach sale.

    (He didn't want to wait 4 hours to be taken home by someone).

    The sale is a good idea but has gotten out of control.

    I thought that I was going to save time and money.

    Next time I'll know better.

    Perhaps KLY and Kupa should get out of the food business and spend more time helping people who really need help.

    The intentions were great but...

  3. did you see me at the meat stand?
    tell the truth and vote - which of the stands was the most courteous, pleasant and efficient?

    you better say "the meat stand" :-)

  4. chickens aren't birds?

  5. they are birds, but it seems like now they can be confused with cattle

  6. maybe they should try to hear if it moos!

  7. Isnt Auerbach the hechsher that everyone loves to hate?

    Heck, I guess that means we should do the opposite of what he says!



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