Mar 9, 2010

Interesting Psak from Rav Ovadia Yosef: Pesach rolls

Rav Ovadia Yosef was asked about eating "gebrokchts" and making cakes and rolls and stuff from matza meal that looks like regular rolls and cakes.

Rav Yosef says Sefardim and most Ashkenazim eat "Matza Shruya", aka "Gebrokchts", and it was mostly the Hassidic communities that stopped eating matza shruya as a chumra.

As far as the Pesach cakes and rolls made from matza meal, Rav Ovadia said that there is an opinion of a sefardi posek that disallowed it based on "maaris ayin", as people will see the cakes and not realize they are not chametz as they look just like the chametz cakes. Most poskim however have allowed it, and we do not find any such decree against it from the Geamara, so we should not make our own decree against it.
(source: Kikar)

I hate Pesach cakes anyway, including the ones made from matza meal. And why go through all that hard work to make something that is barely edible anyway...

In my opinion it would have been no loss had he prohibited it, but I agree (as if he needs my agreement) that it is allowed. I personally don't like it as it doesn't "feel" pesahdike (aside form the taste), but everyone gets that warm fuzzy feeling based on the foods they are familiar with from when they were growing up, so that is a very subjective taste.


  1. Teimani matzot (I'm told) look just like our pitas or laffas. They are also supposed to be closer to authentic matzot than are our "crackery" matzot. So the whole notion of something which isn't chametz being problematic because it "looks wrong" doesn't even get off the ground in my book.

  2. Clearly you haven't tasted my wife's Pesach baking!

  3. I have tasted a lot of pesach baking by people who think their Pesach baking is amazing. I have yet to taste anything I like (including my wife's and other female relatives).

    I dont even bother eating any Pesach cakes because they are just not worth it...

  4. and we do not find any such decree against it from the Geamara, so we should not make our own decree against it.

    Looks like NR's views have been rubbing off on you :-)


  5. Mark - actually I was quoting Rav Ovadia, so I guess NR's views rubbed off on him... hey, is Rav Ovadia on twitter?

  6. My grandmother, my mother, and my sister make a few baked items for Pesach that are truly excellent. Excellent enough that they are (or would be) a mychel all year round. They generally use ground nuts, lots of egg yolks, and plenty of sugar.



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