Mar 11, 2010

Seder reclining made easy (video)

I wonder up yo what weight it holds, before it collapses....


  1. LOL, what an enterprising guy!


  2. The husband actually called. It can hold up to 500 kilo and it the base model costs a mere 90 shekel, 10 or more like 50 NIS each - that's without the pretty cover.

    We didn't believe it was real. Wow.

  3. Wow, I was going to ask if it's for real but I guess Miaim beat me to it. A very interesting idea but like Rafi I was wondering how long it holds up before it collapses.

  4. i want one! how do i get it in chu"l?

  5. we just set our non-arm chairs at an angle. and I'm not sure how comfortable it would feel to do a lean-BOUNCE anyway. but I hope he makes a little income from it with non-skeptic customers....

  6. For the last two years we got a low table, a carpet, and pillows, and had our seder close to the ground. Whereas it was a little hard on my back, b/c I'm not used to sitting that way, the leaning felt real and wasn't a farce.

    It was also nice how the kids just dropped off one by one around the table.


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