Mar 8, 2010

the hip instrument of today

I have been at some simchas recently (including last night) where the band used a shofar to accent the music at various points. It was used as a very hip instrument.

It was one of those long Yemenite shofars (like in the picture).

Who wouldda thought the shofar could be considered hip and cool?


  1. The Shofar is indeed the new hip instrument. The other fact you may not know is that many more Shofars are purchased by Christians today than by Jews. I own a website specializing in Shofars and my busiest season is before Christmas not before Rosh Hashanah as you may think!

  2. one of the many amazing things about israel: pop music has shofars, oy-oy-oy's, and constant jewish references. isn't it a joy?

  3. For more information about Shofar and other Holy Temple instruments.

    We have three websites

    1) Shofar Sounders WebPage

    2) Joint Effort with Michael Chusid, an expert Shofar sounder and commentator

    3) Shofar WebPage


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