Mar 10, 2010

Strange wedding shtick (video)

I was at a wedding many years ago in which a real horse was brought into the wedding hall. Not a buggy though. It was not pretty. The horse kept slipping on the tiled floor and at one point it could not get back up. They had to maneuver it outside where it could get a footing again. At least it did not break its leg.

Another wedding I was at, on a kibbutz, they had a tractor with the scoop filled with hay, scoop up the chosson and kallah and ride them off to the yichud room after the chuppa...


  1. From the looks of it, it seems to be a Purim party - not a wedding - and they're playing ככה יעשה לאיש אשר המלך חפץ ביקרו, with the people by the "horse" trying to act like Mordechai and Haman, I presume.

  2. The use of a tractor or other decorated farm vehicle goes back many decades for kibbutz weddings. I remember it as pretty established on a few meshekim when I was a young adult (late 70s). It goes pretty far back, relative to any kibbutz owning a farm vehicle.

  3. Which chassuna was that, Rafi, with the slipping horse?

    I was at a chassuna in Monsey last night where a guy came in w/ three parrots. He danced with them, flew them around the room, and let people hold them. Weird.

  4. it was a long time ago - I think close to 15 years. a friend of mine who got married at Moshav Ora...


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