Mar 16, 2010

US and PA both looking for excuses

There was absolutely no reason for the USA to take the announced construction plan as such an insult to its efforts to mediate peace talks.

Jerusalem was specifically excluded from the construction freeze. North Jerusalem neighborhood expansion is not a new settlement, nor is it 16000 settlements.

Perhaps the US (i.e. Obama) was just looking for an excuse to come down hard on Israel, just like the Palestinians have been looking for an excuse to capitalize on the US being upset at Israel. They are rioting over the restoration of an ancient synagogue in the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem because they know now is a good time, as the Israelis have fallen out of favor in the United States. The US might also just be taking advantage of the recent construction announcements to criticize and berate Israel, for unknown reasons, despite knowing that israel had every right to continue construction in Jerusalem and never agreed to freeze anything.

There was no reason, other than perhaps diplomatic courtesy, for the announcement to not have been made during Biden's visit. It did not go against any principles Israel had announced or agreed to work with. Just the opposite - it was perfectly in line with Israel's public positions on Jerusalem and the peace process.


  1. One of two things:

    * Obama & Co. is trying to forestall any Israeli action on Iran.


    * Obama & Co. is creating plausible deniability for Israeli action on Iran.

    Time to sell stocks and buy oil.


  2. It's funny how Hamas never loses an opportunity to lose an opportunity.
    They finally got the US mad at Israel, so they capitalize by...a Day of Rage.

    If this is not a Neis Nigleh on Rosh Hodesh Nissan, what is?

  3. why didn't the Israeli leaders say "since when is Jerusalem in this?" or "it isn't in an Arab area of Jerusalem" ? (or is it?)

  4. It is not an Arab area of Jerusalem. I dont know why they did not respond like that - but the US under Obama, and the PA keep changing the rules of what is expected of the Israelis. Now, after so many goodwill gestures, after a 10 month construction freeze in the West Bank, after so many gestures, Clinton today said Israel has to do more to show it really wants peace.

  5. There is also the issue of the election system in Israel, that enables many parties to have a disproportionate influence and the traditional parties cannot govern alone.
    So Bibi has to navigate between Labor, Shas, Liberman,his own right wing in Likud etc. He can never have a clear policy for or against anything. It gives him a lack of credibility and the world senses this.
    Often we hear how Ben Gurion, Levi Eshkol or Golda etc. had clear red lines and did not budge. This is because Mapai was identified with the state without serious opposition.
    The problem is that they all (including the right wing of the Likud) only look at their own agenda and not the countrys interest.


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