Mar 10, 2010

Barak Obama is The Blackest

It seems Israel has a fetish with using Barak Obama's image in advertisements.

Some hat store has pasted its advertisements all over Jerusalem. The ad places images in a sequence, with the first being the image of Barak Obama with the words over him saying "The Blackest".

Do these businesses have to pay him for use of his image in advertising or is his image considered part of the public domain?


  1. that is so weird

  2. Quite silly, since his skin is no darker than a not insignificant portion of the Israeli populace; probably lighter than Ethiopians

  3. maybe if they showed a photo of an Israeli it would be offensive - but if it's essentially a racist sort of association it seems really odd too.

  4. did you take this photo yourself?

    matzav is now carrying it.

  5. a friend of mine took the picture and emailed it to me. unless he emailed them also, they ripped it from here. it would not be the first time they took material from here (and from other blogs) without giving credit.

  6. Everything Obama learned about diplomacy he learned in kindergarten and it is us, the Americans who are paying for him not learing good lessons in the childhood. Hope his putting America on the path of "set a good example and others will follow" philosphy works!


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