Mar 21, 2010

New vocational school opening

Rav Grossman, Stef Wertheimer and Min. Fuad Ben Eliezer are working on opening a new vocational school to train Haredim with skills for getting into the workforce. We really can't get enough of these vocational schools designed for the Haredi community. And, the fact that the number of such schools is continuously growing, shows there is a serious demand for it.

The schools, or the people behind the schools, are not trying to get the guys out of kollel, but are trying to help the guys who want to leave kollel, or feel the need to leave kollel, but have no skills or knowledge, get those skills and knowledge and find respectable work.

Kol HaKavod to Rav Grossman, Stef Wertheimer and Minister Fuad Ben Eleiezer for getting involved. Ben Eliezer said that the coming year will see heavy concentration on training Haredim for work and getting them into the workforce.

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