Mar 11, 2010

the need for discipline

What can a prime minister do when he needs to discipline a minister in the type of government Israel uses?

Netanyahu has called in Eli Yishai to tell him off about the timing of granting the final approval of the massive construction of housing projects in Jerusalem.

But what can he do? if he disciplines too heavily, Shas might get upset and leave the government. Yet he needs to stress his leadership and exert his authority. he cannot have chaos with ministers doing whatever they want whenever they want, just because he needs them.

That is, if Yishai did that really without Netanyahu knowing. It could be all just for appearances sake, so Bibi can impress on Biden and the Palestinians that he was blindsided, while he gains from the construction as well.

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  1. May ALL the Heroes of Irgun be blessedMarch 11, 2010 10:11 PM

    Like Yishai would leave! It's a quid pro quo. It is in Shas's benefit ($$$ cha-ching) to sit in the govt, otherwise they would not be there. Likewise, it is in Bibi's interest to keep them in it, but they can be replaced by buying another party if necessary. Clearly Yishai is not a "rogue" politician. Thus why he was entered into Bibi's "secret" council of 6. Yishai is on board doing what he's asked so that $ha$ gets the moolah for its ye$hivot.


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