Mar 15, 2010

Tzniyus causes a coalition crisis in Jerusalem

A fight between two Haredi parties over a school building is now causing a municipal coalition crisis in Jerusalem.

The Gerrers have a building for their yeshiva. Shas has been allocated a building for their girls school in close proximity of the Gerrer yeshiva building.

Ger is worried that having this Shas girls school nearby will be a problem of tzniyus for the yeshiva, and are therefore threatening City Hall that they will pull their reps out of the coalition if the allocation to Shas is finalized.

A solution is being worked on which might include a series of building swaps that would move the Shas girls school further away and put a boys school next to the Gerrer yeshiva. (source: mynet)

I hate it when every little thing has to become a coalition crisis - both on the local city level and on the national level. Barkat should tell them to take a hike, calling their bluff, and see if they are really willing to pull their hands out of the municipal pie over this. His coalition doesn't really need them anyway. Problems can be resolved without making them into crises.


  1. Another example of the loss of Judaism to Chumraism

  2. and people wonder why there's a shidduch crisis....

  3. Amen to that. Governance in Israel seems to be historically prone to crisis and all that drama makes things inefficient, ineffective, and frankly, kind of pathetic.


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