Mar 25, 2010

Muslim prisoners keep Pesach

Interesting decision by the Supreme Court. They ruled that Muslim prison inmates will be given matza instead of bread during the holiday of Pesach.

Even though they have no obligation to eat matza, nor a prohibition against eating chametz, they do not have a specific right to bread, but a right to food. That food can be any type of food deemed appropriate by the prison services, and if their diet is switched for a short duration for the benefit of other inmates in mixed prisons, so be it.

The mixed prisons with Jewish prisoners must be kept kosher, for those who observe Pesach, and his individual request cannot override their rights and needs, especially in light of the fact that he is being provided with food as is required of the Prions Authority, and not any specific food. (source: Haaretz)

I would suggest that perhaps matza should be served to them all year round, as a form of punishment, but I guess one week will have to do...

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  1. A friend of mine used to work for a Jewish, non-observant boss. During Passover their servers started to crash, so the boss brought in boxes of matzo and insisted that his employees nosh a matzo a day in hopes that HIS lack of observance would be made up by his employees eating it!



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