Mar 8, 2010

the flagship yeshiva

They reported on Radio Kol Chai last night that President Shimon Peres, who almost always had good relations with the Haredi community, will be visiting Ponevesz Yeshiva on Wednesday, and then touring one of the Haredi hi-tech centers that employs 70 haredi women.

During his visit in Ponevesz, Peres will be given a tour of the yeshiva and will speak with students. He will be "taught" the history of the flagship yeshiva of the Haredi community.

I like how Ponevesz still hangs the flag on Yom Ha'atzmaut and has State visits like this one form the President, and can still be considered the flagship of the Haredi yeshiva system. Yet no other yeshiva would dare emulate them and do anything that looks so Zionistic...


  1. I didn't see anyone say anything about Peres giving credence to the NGO's.

  2. woops. my mistake. the visit is scheduled for Wednesday


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