Mar 23, 2010


Egypt FM: There is no proof Israel wants peace

-- Galei Tzahal

uh, what about Gush Katif, settlement freeze, letting thousands of prisoners go free as goodwill gestures, Amona, Homesh, Sa-Nur, etc.?


  1. Submit, or kill yourself. Anything else is #NotArabPeace

  2. it is nice to hear these absurd statements every now and then for it exposes who the arabs really are.

    OTOH, the Jewish reaction to these staments is tragic. WHile we should realize who we are dealing with and act accordingly, i.e. stop playing this ridiculous pretend peace game with people who are trying to kill us at any cost, Jews still take the arabs as serious peace partners.

  3. If they saw what an Israel was like that did not want peace they might hum a different tune.


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