Mar 23, 2010

Statue of King David subject to politics

What's the story here? Is it just muscle flexing? Trying to show that even though they lost the overall balance of power, they still wield a lot?

A statue in the supposed image of King David had been placed a number of years ago at the site of the [assumed] grave of King David on Mt. Zion, at the time under the authority of Mayor Uri Lapoliansky (a haredi mayor), with the permission from Rav Elyashiv.

Now, the haredi councilmen in Jerusalem are making a big deal saying the statue is inappropriate and must be moved.

I guess you could say that the approval and agreement at the time back then was only because they felt they had to - to satisfy some people, to placate, to get something else. but maybe it was not really something they wanted, but felt they had to give in on it at the time.

Except for the fact that it was a haredi mayor, with a large haredi ruling faction. They basically did what they wanted.

If they let it pass back then, what right do they have now to change and remove their support? Did new information come to light? Is it just political muscle flexing?

1 comment:

  1. New people, new ideas.

    But you would expect with Charedim they would keep mesorah, even a political one: "Those before us let it go, with Rabbinical ok - we can work on more important things."



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