Mar 18, 2010

Women of the Wall get chaired (video)

The modern day form of sekila...


  1. these have to be the same guys who beat women till they move to the back of the bus. what if they hit a women who was just sitting there saying tehillim quietly? what right do they have to be over an issur d'oraysa of hitting a fellow Jew?

  2. they could have hurt somebody (though that was their intention, they could have hurt somebody not part of WoW), they could have broken property (chairs, anything the chairs might have landed on).

    Seems wrong to me, but in the mikdash they threw esrog's at the tzidokim, so I guess it has precedent.. :-)

  3. If you notice all of the voices seem to be American. Maybe those femi-nazis should just stay in America and not bring their battles to Eretz Yisroel.


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