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Apr 21, 2011

3 Men, 1 Boy, 2 Kids And 5 Boxes

The title sounds like a modern day version of the Chad Gadya song we sing at the end of the seder.

On Monday, erev pesach, 3 men and 1 kid, not the goat edition of "kid" were walking in the Old City, near the gates to Har Habayit, with 2 kids, the goat edition this time, and 5 empty cardboard boxes. The police arrested them all, including Noam Federman, including the goats and the boxes, suspecting them of being on their way to try to bring a korban pesach on Har HaBayit. A short time later they were all released from custody.

During the day, the police stopped a number of people who were walking in the area with cardboard boxes that had airholes, thinking they were possibly being used to carry a small goat. All the boxes were found to be empty. I guess people were using them as decoys for Federman who would later show up with an actual goat, or perhaps just to keep the police on their toes and possibly to frustrate them by making them chase people with empty boxes.

MK Dr. Michael Ben-Ari said in response "The police and security services harassment right-wing activists who wish to bring the korban pesach on the Har is political persecution and injurious to Judaism. I would expect the police and Shaba"k to deal with terror and incitement on Har HaBayit instead of wasting their time and efforts fighting against Jews carrying empty boxes."

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