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Apr 20, 2011

Quote Of The Day

390 years ago a small boat went from England to the USA that was called the Mayflower. This was the boat that brought the first citizens that founded America. 390 years later, ask anyone in the streets of New York how many people were on the boat? Who was the captain? When did they leave England and when did they arrive on the shores of America? What did they eat while on transit? Nobody will know the answers to these questions. 
By us, our national memory is part of us. 3500 years have passed and we still remember very well when we left Egypt, who was our captain, the date, and the menu that they ate. this shows you that we are a nation that is grateful to its God that took us out of slavery into freedom. Whoever does not want to eat matza is not included among those of our nation that are grateful through history. He is an ungrateful person to our national history.

  -- Chief Rabbi Yona Metzger

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