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Apr 5, 2011

Israeli Naama Shafir Scores 40 Points For WNIT Title (video)

Israeli womens basketball player, Naama Shafir, playing for Toledo, is the first female Orthodox basketball player playing in the NCAA Division I. She keeps kosher and shabbos. She asked her rav about what to do regarding playing ball on Shabbos, and his answer to her was that she is not allowed to practice as that is considered work, but she is allowed to play the actual games as that is considered fun.

Whether you agree or disagree with this psak, she did not make the decision on her own, but asked a shailoh, which is impressive enough, and then followed the answer. In the video above, at the title game, she is playing on Shabbos, but would not talk to the media after the game, because of Shabbos. The message she passes on is that you can continue to live by your values and participate in doing what you love.

And here is a video called "Getting to KNow Toledo's Naama Shafir":


  1. Interesting post-game interview (the first couple minutes) where her teammate was asked if she had any religious Saturday rituals and if it bothered her teammates here.

    best in the world


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