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Apr 17, 2011

Apocalypse! Stores Are Running Low On Non-Kitniyot Mayonnaise!

It is amazing how people are so fraught with worry that they might have to go a week without mayonnaise.

Over the past 2 weeks, the local email lists have had numerous postings daily:

  • asking where one can buy locally Kosher for Pesach non-kitniyot mayonnaise
  • informing the public which store has non-kitniyot mayonnaise
  • updates on how much/little of such mayo is still on the shelves at said stores
  • more begging for info on where it can be bought because said store has sold out.
I have nothing specific to say about it other than that I am surprised to see how central mayonnaise is to the Jewish cook's menu. You'd think the world was coming to an end because it is difficult to find mass-produced non-kitniyot mayonnaise..

And to this I add what I have found to be the Email of the Day from the local email lists:
As I read all the articles of the past several days, it has become amazing clear as to how many requests/concerns about acquiring mayonnaise have been submitted!  
Alevai, our desire to know how we can earnestly acquire Moshiach and beg him to come before the end of Pesach should be as strong. Ladies just make your own. I did it last night, it came out fluffy silky consistency; you have the tools, just get the daring and the confidence and just do it. If you have a good blender, eggs,oil (I use hazelnut oil), lemons,sugar,salt and a few minutes, no need to worry. 
The trick is while your eggs are whipping up at a very fast speed in the blender, slowly and I mean slowly, let oil trickle in; (if you have one egg you will need 1 cup oil, 2 eggs 2 cups oils-don't cut back on the oil, (yes we know it is a cardiac nightmare, but it is just for one week); It should whip up to a frothy,creamy consistency add sugar, lemon juice and salt to taste. Always store in the frigerator when not using I posted the recipe a few days ago; do a search its all written there in detail. 
And if it comes out well, you can serve potato salad with a bit of the mayo at Moshiach's seudat towards the end of Shevi shel Pesach; with the left over matzohs,wine and a little potato salad,it will be greatly appreciated and maybe just maybe that will give him a little more impetus to come much SOONER. one never knows what will be the "ticket" to hasten his coming NOW! (between us women, it is usually good food,right?) Freilicen kosher pesach!


  1. I tried making it one year and it tasted horrible. Don't know what i did wrong.

    I think it's that we're so limited with food, mayo really helps- what else do you make for chol hamoed lunches aside from tuna and egg salad?

    Chag sameach

  2. my wife makes a little bit when she needs it.
    It just seems the obsession is out of proportion

  3. I thought our hosts in Ramat Beit Shemesh were nuts or kidding when they asked if we could bring mayonnaise from Santa Fe. !!! But they were serious, and I indeed found a store in Santa Fe had it. Go figure. So, feeling a bit foolish, I brought 4 jars of Pesah Mayo (Manishewitz) from Santa Fe to Beit Shemesh.

    Talk about coals to Newcastle!

  4. mordechai, it's not actually coals to newcastle, because Israeli food manufacturers still believe that the market for nonkitniyot food products is dwarfed by the kitniyot counterpart. Hence, for years, it was very difficult to find hazelnut or walnut oil for cooking in regular stores like Mega or shufersal. Last year and this year it wasn't. But clearly, they haven't gotten on the bandwagon with mayo. Hopefully, by next year, they will.

  5. The recipe is rather imprecise. But I agree with Rafi about the obsession. In America too, stores always run out.
    I saw someone complaining that she had to make her own mustard.


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