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Apr 17, 2011

Pollard Is The Key To Obama 2012

Accordign to Rav Metzger, the way for President Barak Obama to win the upcoming US elections for president in 2012 is by releasing Jonathan Pollard from prison.

In his Shabbos HaGadol drasha, Rav Metzger reportedly said, "if President Obama wants to win another term, he should immediately release Jonathan Pollard. This is not a prophecy, rather it is a feeling that stems from the fact that many Jews who supported him have been disappointed by his indifference to the many calls of the many people who have turned to him in this matter, among them leaders of the government from the time when Pollard had been imprisoned, who today admit that there is no longer a reason to hold him in jail any longer.
Before President Obama forces upon us diplomatic processes, he should prove his mutual responsibility and friendship that he talks about, by releasing Pollard."

I don't know why that would be the one factor that would determine his re-election, but if Rabbi Metzger thinks so, and if President Obama would be concerned enough to trust such an opinion, it sounds good to me.. From his mouth to God's ears..

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