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Apr 28, 2011

Funny Incident In The Supermarket

This morning I was in the supermarket stocking up on chametz. As I was by the cashier getting my stuff rung up, the cashier offered me the option of buying from the store's sale items, based on the size of my purchase. One of the items on sale was diapers, and they were being sold 2-for-1. It was a great sale.

I told her no thanks. She was surprised, and asked if she can buy them since I am not, and I said sure, no problem. Then she asked again, just to confirm that i really don't want them. I said to her, I don't need them as I don't have children in diapers.

This cashier who is very nice, and I always try to frequent her table when she is available because she is pleasant and efficient and I have been buying from her for many years, suddenly felt bad thinking she had hurt my feelings. She said said, "Sorry, B'ezrat Hashem soon". I didn't know what to respond, as she had obviously misunderstood me...I figured it was better to just let it go..

We are all one big happy family in Israel.


  1. LOL, next time you go shopping, bring all the kids with you and use her checkout line :-)

    But seriously, that's one of the things that makes Israel different - kol Yisrael areivim zeh lazeh ... even when it comes to worrying about things (like having children, etc).


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