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Apr 26, 2011

Rescinding the Israel-Egypt Peace Treaty

A poll was recently published that says 54% of Egyptians want the 1979 peace treaty with Israel canceled.

Polls, like statistics, are basically worthless, as they tend to be influenced by how the questioner worded and asked the question, which we, the readers, have no way of really knowing precisely what was stressed. Unfortunately, politicians tend to lend a lot of weight to the results of polls.

The joke surrounding this poll is that if they want the peace treaty canceled (actually, if the Egyptians decide to cancel the peace treaty because that is how a majority of those polled responded), we can expect to have the Sinai returned to us immediately in exchange for their ripping up the piece of paper and millions of dollars annually in trade and commerce and a quiet northern border.

I see it slightly differently.

They want to cancel the peace treaty because they see that it used to be to get Israel to give away land a hostile country had to sign a peace treaty, promise friendship and business, and normalize relations. Now they see that Israel gives away land to hostile entities for free, expecting nothing but empty promises in exchange, or even as goodwill measures.

So, they wish to cancel the peace treaty because now they realize that today Israel would probably give them the Sinai for free, expecting nothing in exchange, simply as a gesture of goodwill and hope for the future.


  1. You are spot on Rafi. The mentality of the Middle East - Arab world (please forgive me oh leftists out there) is a mentality that respects iron clad will and physical prowess and the will to be brutal. Go to a national park and see the Arab mothers smacking their toddlers around if they act up - there is respect in those families and the rule of physical strength is learned from an early age. I can tell you from business dealings that if you start negotiating they think you are weak. When you dont return their calls they come kissing your shoes begging to be taken in for the deal. I am not saying that their attitude is "backward" or "wrong" but I am saying one has to respect it and understand it.

  2. This is shows that most of the people whether they live in India or Pakistan or any other country they definitely wants peace the Egyptian people also do the same with war we can gain destruction only but with peace we can gain everything.


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