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Apr 27, 2011

Interesting Posts #260

1. Why Kosher Restaurants Fail

2. Free Temple Mount Prayer Note Service

3. Pesach is over, and the kitniyot issue has been discussed ad nauseum, but this is a worthy addition - Don't Go Nuts Over Peanuts

4. My Big Fat Greek Pesach

5. Subaru Ad Rocks PA

6. How Rav Akiva Eiger Got His Chassidishe Son-In-Law To Don Tefillin On Chol HaMoed

7. Now What? Treppenwitz discusses the poll of Egyptians who want to tear up the Egypt-Israel peace treaty

8. Low Cost Yeshiva Opening Up. Can It be the start of a new trend?

9. National Park: Ein Hemed Edition

10. Rabbi Lau to go one on one with Kareem


  1. Thanks for the link.

    !קיץ טוב ובריא

  2. Ugh Im so sick of this idiocy with the "no more minhag to refrain from kitniyos"

    Is there one accepted posek (outside of machon shilo) who holds of this?

    I also note the irony of the story of Rav Akiva Eiger forcing his SIL to uphold the minhagim of the Rema - against his family minhagim -- in the same post as the "we dont need to follow the Rema's psakim anymore"

    Cute. If it werent so ridiculous.


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