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Apr 14, 2011

IDF Psychological Warfare in Arabic (video)

The IDF is playing some psychological warfare by broadcasting in Arabic..


  1. So the IDF is publicly advertising, in Arabic, that contrary to historic evidence, there is a Palestinian People!

    Nice of the IDF to play the game by their rules!

    Thanks for spreading the AntiIsraeli Propoganda!

  2. There has never been a claim that the Palestinian people do not exist. However, they have only been in the area for a short time. If you turn over any rock or stone, you will find Jewish History and artifacts that range from the time period of 1200BCE. They left in exile against their will. The Jews have ruled over the land for thousands of years, and the Palestinians have never ruled the land at all as indicated by the etymology of their name. Palestine was a name given to Israel by Rome as an added insult to the Jews after exiling them from their land. The Jews wanted to return to their homeland and have never been able to until 1948. Everyone deserves to live in their homeland, and the Jewish people have that right as well.


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