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Apr 13, 2011

Turning Bet Shemesh Green

Is Bet Shemesh looking at good times?

According to Mayor Moshe Abutbol, in his first two years he has accomplished all his goals. His goals being 2 specific items:

  1. Making the conditions off all children in the city equal, i.e. to cancel discriminatory practices that were in effect against haredi schools that gave them less funding
  2. To renew residential construction throughout Bet Shemesh
Now that both goals have been achieved, Abutbol says his next plan is going to be to fill Bet Shemesh with green. According to Ladaat.net, Abutbol plans on putting new parks all over the city.

That's great and I hope he will be successful in doing so. 

I wonder how accurate he is though in saying he accomplished all his goals. During his election campaign he promised many things. The three that come to mind immediately are fixing up the roads of Highway 38 and 10, getting a hospital built in Bet Shemesh, and creating community administrations to interface with the municipal government in regards to neighborhood municipal services.

These are three, out of many more promises that I do not recall offhand, that have not yet been fulfilled, even though he is working on them. That is, besides for the ones he has given up on already saying it will not work, such as the minhal kehilati (community administration) issue. 

Of course these issues remaining open need not prevent him from installing new parks all over the city. I hope he does, and everyone will enjoy the results I am sure.


  1. talking of parks, the car park situation down by the train station is shameful.
    a committee of 8 year olds could have solved this problem already....

  2. What about irrigating with municipal gray water?

    What about retrofitting existing residential properties so they can irrigate with gray water? And requiring that all new construction have a minimum green area and that they be fitted with gray water irrigation?

    To be truly green you can just put in a bunch of parks and then not be able to water them!


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