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Apr 28, 2011

Quote Of The Day

They kill us because they do not want us here even in the 1967 borders. They say "it was irresponsible [of the breslavers to go in without security coordination], thereby pointing an accusatory finger at the victim, the murdered and those injured. No question of coordination or lack of coordination is a reasonable cause for murder.
They say everyone here that is causing problems are the rightists, the religious, the nationalists, this government, that Bibi - nu, stop. Enough. Let us live quietly with our "pieces of chocolate". We say, nobody has a monopoly on the desire for peace. You [leftists] are desperate people, and trying to cause desperation, but you are the minority.
The Palestinians refuse to sit with us in peace talks, but we are the ones who are guilty that there is no peace. They murderer people who are praying, but we are guilty because it was not coordinated. they murder a whole family including a baby while in their beds asleep, but "why were they even living in Itamar?"

  -- Minister Limor Livnat (aunt of the murdered)

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