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Apr 7, 2011

Support Gilad Shalit with Tehillim via Cholimlist.org

In case you have not noticed, I have had this little banner in my sidebar for a few years now. Too many years, that's for sure.

Gilad Shalit Worldwide Tehillim Project

Cholimlist.org has been running a tehillim group on behalf of Gilad Shalit since right after he was abducted. There is not much we can do, though we must try everything we can, to help free Gilad Shalit, whether it is join solidarity events, help raise awareness, pressure politicians both nationally and internationally, and daven for him or do good deeds in his merit.

You can click on the banner and be taken to the Cholimlist website and join the tehillim group, with just a couple of clicks.
If you are a blogger or have a website, you can also fly the banner supporting the tehillim group. If you are interested, email admin@cholimlist.org and he will list you on the website as a supporter of the program.

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