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Apr 21, 2011

Rebuilding Road 10

Good news for Bet Shemesh residents, and for residents of the surrounding areas. The National Roads Company has finally issued the tender for building Road 10. After many years of futility, of the road being left incomplete, dangerous and unkempt, there is finally a ray of light.

The road will be rebuilt from scratch, and not just renovated or completed. The project will take an expected 2 years to complete, and will start in about 4 months time.

Thanks to the mayor and anyone else responsible for getting this stagnant project finally moving.

(HatTip: dafneighbor)


  1. Hmm, finish in 3 months or rebuild from scratch and tie up the exit from Beit Shemesh and bypass for Gush Etzion for 2 years?

    I know...2 years! Yay!

  2. Will any of it be open during this time? The most crucial section is the one from the RBS A exit to 375, since that's the only part that doesn't have anythng paralell to it within BS/RBS.

  3. where is road 10?

  4. behind Bet Shemesh and RBS. it runs from the Industrial Zone (including BIG and train station) past RBS to Road 375.
    It was supposed to be opened up at the end to Highway 38 past the police station, allowing drivers to avoid Industrial Zone traffic and the need to enter BS to leave BS, but they never bother completing the last 200 meters of road.

  5. OK, it is the blocked off road. got it. all the hitch hikers from the gush who are trying to get to the train station will have a problem once it opens up! but since the existing road is a nightmare, especially coming home, definetly worth it.


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