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Apr 6, 2011

Just Had Chametz (video)

The song is about how good it is to eat chametz on pesach, and at the end of the video they say they are making fun of eating chametz on Pesach and not endorsing it.. I am not sure how they are making fun of it, as they seem to be encouraging it..I found it a bit distasteful..

You be the judge...

They are not going to replace the Maccabeats with this kind of a song..


  1. I don't know if you are aware, but this video is a parody of a very funny, but very lewd, video that appeared in the States last year. I can send you the link, but it might be best offline. Visually, not horrible, but certainly nothing you want your kids hearing. If you see that one, this one becomes funnier as it directly references the original.

  2. So which is worse - yeshiva guys "joking" about eating chametz on Pesach, or yeshiva guys making a (non)kosher version of a beyond-the-pale song?

  3. Why is this video non-kosher? The original is lewd and "non kosher," but this is just a light hearted song about Pesach. Let's not get carried away here. Is there anything is this video you wouldn't want your kids seeing? The worst is a reference to constipation!

  4. thanks. I wasnt aware that it is a parody of a different song.. the content though made me think twice about psoting it, worried I might be seen as encouraging eating chametz on pesach.

    I actually thought in talent they were pretty good.

  5. Agree. These guys are good. Again, there is a "deeper" (for lack of a better word) understanding if you see the original.

  6. I went to college with most of those guys (back when they were Freshmen) and I'd have to agree. They're really making fun of that other stupid video. It wasn't last year, it was this Purim actually.

  7. Not to pick nits - and not that it really matters, but the original song (featuring Akon) was released and posted on youtube on Dec 19, 2010. I can't believe I actually know this useless bit of information. You can google it, if you don't believe me!

    Out of curiosity, what college?

  8. lmao, i just heard the original with akon and was laughing the whole time. That is brilliant.

    anyway, these guys may be making a parody, but there's no way to tell that from this video. Parodies are usually so over the top, it's obvious, this wasn't.

  9. I just watched it. I cant believe they play that on the radio...

  10. Now you understand what I meant with my original comment!! Compared to that, there is NOTHING offensive about this one.

  11. ML

    compared to hitler, john wayne gacy was an ok guy. How does your logic make any sense. It seems that frum guys are advocating eating chametz on pesach and you compare that to a goy singing about sex. HUH?

    I love parodies and the more stupid the better I like em, but this just doesn't come off as a parody.

  12. ML,
    They got their start - almost as a joke - at UMD. There's a plethora of a capella groups there (nearly 20 probably) and two co-ed Jewish ones. Now, there's an all female group too.

    I was mentioning the other video that came out of UMD "I just broke shomer". That's the video that I was calling stupid. The Akon song isn't even worth of being called stupid, it's just trash.

  13. Shaya G:

    You need to get a grip. You are comparing silly videos to two murderers??!!

    In what bizarre delusional world do you see this video as SERIOUSLY advocating eating chametz on Pesach?

    If you can't see the problem with your poorly conceived analogy on your own, I won't dignify your comment with any further discussion.

    Maybe Rafi was right in his hesitation to post the video. It appears that it is impossible for people nowadays to just have a laugh, and not take themselves too seriously. Oh, Brother. I am outta here.

    Good night.

  14. ML:

    actually, i enjoyed the video and didn't really care what they seemingly advocated.

    I simply stated that it is not coming across as a parody. You are the one who said "Compared to that, there is NOTHING offensive about this one." I argued your point about comparisons, that's all. deflecting doesn't make your point stronger, it's just an avoidance issue.

  15. OMIGOSH! Calm down everyone and enjoy the video! Thanks a million!


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