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Apr 21, 2011

Interesting Posts #259

1. Pesach and Gratitude

2. The "Do As You Want" Religion

3. Kobe Slurs and The Media Drops The Ball

4. Emunah and Proof

5. Hallel in Shul On Pesach Night

6. A Karaite Hagadda

7. Reflections on Good and Bad

8. Seeing Eliyahu HaNavi Multiple Times daily - a nice story of Rav Meir Abuchatzeira. can you imagine his response? a tradition to see Eliyahu only once a day? How many people are kept limited by this tradition?

1 comment:

  1. That haggadah is quite interesting. I never understand the irony of how they reject rabbinic tradition, then end up inventing their own tradition which sure resembles ours! ;-)

    The brevity is no surprise. Rambam has the entire haggadah text in the Mishneh Torah. Our haggadot are only long because of commentary.


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