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Apr 13, 2011

The Successful KLY Sale (video)

Yesterday was the annual pre-Pesach sale in RBS run by Keren Lev Yisrael.

This is a massive project that in the past was a management disaster. Last year lines were long, people were upset and frustrated, many items did not come or came in lesser amounts than ordered. It was not good.

They streamlined it this year and turned it into a success. They prepared better, they dropped the list of goods for sale to a more manageable size, and they planned the lines and the drive-thru better.

And it was a success. This sale, that saves the average family hundreds of shekels from their Pesach shopping list, was pleasant, even fun at times, it was efficient, and it did what it was supposed to do. People worked very hard to help a lot of people, everyone from the organizers to the volunteers and to the customers.

It was nice to see, and help, so many people. I saw people I know, I saw people I don't know, and I saw people I have never seen before. There were people of every stripe - haredi, dati leumi, tradition/secular, Anglo, Israeli, French, Russian, Ethiopian, and many more, and every stripe from each of those groups, benefiting from the sale.

There were lots of photographers and video people capturing the interesting moments on camera. Here is one person's look at the KLY sale:


  1. The sale was an excellent success.

    I just wish the ordering was smoother; maybe they don't do online because of... I don't know what, since they have a gmail account, but the phone system is horribly slow and inefficient (plus the guy speaks... so... slowly).

    And the numbers are read back in a woman's voice! Bigger michshol than letting me fill out a google spreadsheet with my order, IMHO...

  2. Probably because... Not everybody in the city has internet and they don't want to have two systems which seems quite reasonable.

    What michshol is there to listening to a woman's voice?

  3. Coding a website to take orders is trivial compared to an IVR like they have; I was on the phone for 31 minutes to make my order this year. How much do you think that costs them to keep enough lines so that multiple people can call?

    And the voice was a joke...

  4. for those of us who dont live in RBS how exactly does this sale work? thnx!


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