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Apr 27, 2011

New Noise Laws in Israel

Israel has a set of laws regarding noise pollution, though i don't think anybody really was aware of the laws beyond the general concept that from 11pm (23:00) until 7am, one is not allowed to cause a noisy disturbance.

Israel has recently passed a new, amended, set of noise laws, and the new law took effect this morning.

Some of the more interesting items are:

  • no noisy home renovations from 8pm (20:00)
  • no noisy gardening work from 7pm (19:00) until 7am.
  • no fireworks in residential areas. 1000 meters away from residential buildings fireworks are allowed, but not from 10pm (22:00) until 7am. Cities will get special allowances and leeway for special days such as Yom HaAtzmaut, Purim and Yom Yerushalayim.
  • starting 3 months from now, no new cars will be allowed to have a noisy alarm installed. Existing cars will have 6 years before they have to get their noisy alarms removed.
  • municipal services will not be allowed to use noisy leafblowers in their street cleaning routines. Some cities have already said they would ignore this rule, as they will not be able to clean the streets and cities according to this rule, as this is the only such equipment to do these jobs in Israel.
Police and city supervisors are authorized to enforce these new laws, and fines are expected to be in the 500-700 NIS range.

I want to know how late people can build their sukka. Can it still be done at 2am?


  1. How are the cats ever going to come up with the money to pay these fines?

  2. Number of these laws that will be enforced in RBS: zero.

  3. How about gun shots on Friday night at "weddings" when will that be outlawed?

  4. My neighbour used to have a very noisy old air conditioner. Now with the law on my side, if ever a similar thing happens, I'll ring the police, if he does not co-operate.
    There is no need to poke fun at this. Yes, one should not make noises late at night, including builsding the sukka.

    1. I need Nell with this situation please. I have a neighbour across my bedroom windows with very noisy air conditioner. What do I do? I don’t sleep at night

  5. not making fun of it. the sukka comment is serious. Everyy year I hear people putting up their sukka, banging nails and boards, well into the wee hours of the morning...

  6. What about Arab Mosques blarring at 4am? Will that be outlawed???

  7. How about neighbor's kids bouncing a basketball for hours on end day after day against a shared wall? Would the police really intervene for that?

  8. What is your source for all the information?

  9. all the hebrew news sites (specifically globes, news1, haredim wap, and others). I did not check the english ones to see if it was there as well, but I am sure it was.

  10. I just did a search on jpost and they have an article on the subject as well http://www.jpost.com/NationalNews/Article.aspx?id=217994

  11. Yoss had the same question I did, what about the arabs with their noise polution?

  12. good question. I hope the government cracks down and enforces the law equally to them.

    BTW, Mishpacha newspaper (Hebrew) had an article about the new noise laws. An additional example they discussed of the law was a new regulation limiting wedding noise (music) to 10pm, instead of the current limitation of 11pm. there were lots of quotes from wedding hall owners about how big of a disaster this will be.

  13. Are there any updates to these laws? What about a nieghbour's kids playing in the hallway of an apartment building - very disturbing - if you have any legal material I can wave in their face, that would be extremely helpful - mordyrapp@gmail.com

  14. Where I live...the existing laws are never enforced. Unless you are a someone who has clout. One just puts up with it...this is Israel as Israeli's love to say.

  15. Noise laws in Israel - anyone know the restricted hours for the use of outdoor pools in private residences?


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