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Apr 10, 2011

Interesting Posts #257

1. Sanity for Ashkenazim - While I am not a big fan of the attempt to say the minhag/takana of not eating kitniyot does not apply today, or in Israel, this list of things added to the list is more on point.

2. The Kingdom Tower

3. Do You Believe In Miracles?

4. Ancient Synagogue Destroyed in Libyan Fighting

5. Pesach Invention of the Year


  1. There are some valid points in the first article, but the mention, at the beginning, that this was "for those who still cling to this custom of the galuth" was incredibly offensive as well as ignorant.

    If Rab` Dawwid Bar-Hayyim [I think I got that correct] would have a bit more respect for the modern mesorah, many people might take his halachic positions more seriously.

  2. d bar hiem can" t learn a gemmora w/o artscroll...when he can we will talk to him.

  3. 1. The blog is not written by Rav Bar-Hayim. Kitniyot is a custom of Europe, which is part of the galuth. I think the author felt that that's pretty much a fact and was not designed to be incredibly offensive. It has only been practiced in Israel for several hundred years. As we see in the Gemara, minhag is connected to place and when we move, we should adopt local custom.

    2. I can assure the anonymous ignoramus that Rav Bar-Hayim doesn't need or use Artscroll as he has mastery of Bavli, Yerushalmi, Rambam and more. He received semicha from Rav Kapach zt"l, if you know who he was. If not, look at wikipedia or visit your local library.

  4. Dbh may have smichah..but he learns with artscrolsand similar BTmethods...

  5. 1) r kapach was a kofer in zohar and kabbalah...what about DBH?
    2) Machon shiloh is a post office box...


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