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Apr 17, 2011

Interesting Posts #258

1. The Exodus According to Google Earth

2. Passover Seder in the Israeli Army

3. Cleaning the Belzer Shul for Pesach

4. Lemaan Achai Went to Bnei Brak Gedolim for Four Brachos

5. Minhagim Read About but Never Seen - I would posit that most people, or most frum people, spend almsot all Pesach seders in their own homes, or in the homes of immediate family (parents, etc) and rarely venture out to  people who come from places with other minhagim, and therefore despite reading about other minhagim, one rarely actually sees them in practice. Simply because one usually stays within his own confines of minhagim.

6. Doing A Lot But Accomplishing Nothing

7. Making Aliyah - the variety of jobs that people do after making aliyah

8. Identities of the Murderers of the Fogel Family

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