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Apr 14, 2011

Quote Of The Day

Shtuyot! Who are we to bring the korban pesach?

  -- Chief Rabbi Shlomo Amar, when asked about the possibility of us bringing the korban this year..

I am not sure why you need to be someone of any specific level of greatness to be able to bring the korban pesach. The Torah obligates it upon every Jew, great and small alike. If we are not able to bring the korban due to external factors, that is a hindrance, but the obligation is the same. If we would be able to bring it, I am not aware of any invalidation simply due to not being great enough.


  1. Maybe he views it in the same4 frame as for example a tefillat nedava. Let's start doing properly the things that are definitely necessary to be done before we go looking for new things to do.

  2. New things? NEW THINGS???? Korbon Pesach is a NEW thing???

    We're going to chumra our Pesach up to our necks...and we're calling Korbon Pesach a NEW thing?


  3. It's very possible that he said it for "shalom bayit". If the Arabs get word that some rabbis say that we should/can bring Korban Pesach this year, they will most likely get very upset. But if Israel's official religious adjudicator says that it's nonsense, then the government can point to that to diffuse any potential point of conflict.

    Remember that anything having to do with Har Habayit is a sensitive topic to a lot of people, some of whom have a track record of violence. This was a politically (not necessarily religiously) astute statement for the Israeli government's official rabbi to make.

    It's always important to bear in mind that the opposite of emet is not sheker, but shalom.

  4. every Jew, great and small alike.

    What is a great Jew? What is a small Jew? And where is that defined in halacha?

  5. Mark,

    Lay off of Rafi. His comment of "great and small alike" was written in line with (and, by being a completely out of place statement, to implicitly challenge) Rav Amar's implication that some may not be on the proper level to bring the Korban Pesach. It was a rhetorical tool which was apparently lost on you.


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