May 11, 2021

Jonathan Pollard speaks at Merkaz Harav Yom Yerushalayim celebration (video)

very strong speech. I wonder if the rabbis of Merkaz Harav knew in advance what he was going to say and were ok with it, or if they understood what he was saying as he was saying it or if they had no idea at all what he was saying...

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  1. I know what he told American Jews recently (to be disloyal to America and, if possible, spy on it for Israel). I don't want to watch 32 minutes (or, frankly, even one minute) of this.

    Since you have watched it, Rafi, can you please summarize his points? Thanks.

  2. it is the first time I have heard speak more than a few words so I was curious. he was pretty radical, angry at the americans (understandably) , the Israelis that gave away har habayit after the war, our enemies are the arabs and the state department, etc yada yada yada

  3. Don't think he was radical at all - he spoke and acted like a Jew, speaking total truth and making a kiddush H' standing up for H', Am Yisrael, Torah and Eretz Yisrael.
    He spoke the complete opposite of a politician (liars) and what he did was a KIDDUSH H'!

  4. There are facts and there are feelings. There are events spoken about and those that are kept under wraps. Pollard was an erudite speaker, the State Department has always been Arabists, Oil supporters, and anti Israel, and AMERICA has been known to put its values, security and diplomacy first and therefore the bullying or destruction of other countries is what it does.

    Those who find his speech offensive, those are your feelings and not facts!


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