Jun 10, 2009

Gur joins the protests

The fight over the parking lots can pretty much already be declared finished.

According to Kikar.net, the Gerrer Rebbe has decided to send his chassidim to join the fight alongside the Eidah Hareidis. (Rav Elyashiv said he protests the chillul shabbos but will not call on people to a hafgana.).
If anybody knows how to run a hafgana successfully, aside from the Eida people, it is Gur. With them on board, it is just a matter of time before the mayor is forced to give in.

It is interesting to note the Gerrer Chassidim joining in the protests against the opening of the parking lot. In essence, one could say that it is [at least partially] the fault of the Gerrer Chassidim that the lot was opened. They are the direct reason why Nir Barkat won the mayorship, as they chose to support him over the religious/haredi candidate Meier Porush.

So they brought the secular mayor to power, he opened a parking lot, and now they are protesting that. Perhaps they are "doing teshuva" for their previous support of Barkat.....


  1. After a Gerrer bochur was killed by police inside the Gerrer compound during Shabbos riots in the 50's, Ger has an arrangement with the police that the police to not enter the Gerrer compund while in return Gerrers don't participate in illegal protests. To see Ger change this status quo surprises me.
    In all likelihood, Ger felt a move to show that they are still part of larger Chareidi Jerusalem in spite of their support for Barkat.
    I don't think you'll see them in front of Chanyon Karta, though.

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  3. Shaul - if you have read the haredi papers recently, you will see that has been tried. in earnest though, not as a way to get orders from the US canceled. Haredi politicians have been trying to get exemptions for Modiin Ilit and Beitar Ilit. According to the papers, Obama could care less and wants to hear nothing of it. No building at all.

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  5. Another interesting point here. There's not basis to say that opening the parking lot causes any additional chilul Shabbos. It's possible you could argue that *maybe* have a place to park will encourage some more people to drive in, but that's a *maybe* and you could also argue that these people would have driven somewhere else anyway. Conversely you could argue that having a parking lot *may* reduce chilul Shabbos as people spend less time circling around looking for a spot.

    But, there is a *certainty* that holding the protest will cause 100's of additional police and dozens of newspeople to be michalel Shabbos.

    Then again the rocks and diapers the fanatics throw are *definitely* mukza so they clearly don't really even care about chilul Shabbos!

  6. Mr lipkin the torah says halitani larasha vayamus.
    Not like you.

  7. Its not the gerrers fault. Rav alyashuv asked porush not to run. He refused.

  8. Unless something has changed that has not been reported the status of Modiin Illit goes before the Quebec Superior Court next week.

    The near by Arab village is suing Green Park for building in Kiryat Sefer. They are claiming that the construction of homes on 'occupied territory' is a war crime. They are looking for $2 million in damages plus an order to have the entire project disassembled.

  9. Yosh,

    You have to twist yourself into a pretzel to apply that here.

  10. Its not my savora. r yy wiess, r b rabinovitz, and also r yakov yoseph bring this.

  11. "With them on board, it is just a matter of time before the mayor is forced to give in."

    I really disagree. If he gives in - he's finished. He will never be respected by non-Haredi Jerusalemites. What the Eda HaHaredit (and now Gur) might not understand is that their protests and riots are making Barkat much stronger. If Barket refuses to give in, they will lose so much - because he will be much more popular.

    Also, the very fact of his not giving in to them will draw some secular Jews to Jerusalem - or at least stem the tide at least.

  12. yosh 55,if you vote in a non chareidi, you do have to expect that he will not have the same outlook to Shabbos as a frum person, isn't that obvious.
    So now that Barkat is in, one would have to take some blame for chillul shabbos on himself if he did not vote for Porush.
    Please explain to me why my reasoning is wrong.

  13. Yosh,

    The sfora, as I understand it, is that you're not *required* to give someone directions in order to minimize their driving. That doesn't mean l'chatchila this is not a good thing to do a mass scale.

    Also, the same sfora is used to say that the state doesn't have to create laws to prevent people from driving on Shabbat.

    But the real issue is that we're dealing with a bunch lemmings who can't see their noses in front of the their faces. They simply react, instinctively, like animals with minimal brains.

    If they thought for a moment about it, besides all the chilul shabbos they are doing and causing, they'd realize that this would improve their situation for the reasons I mentioned.

    I hope the mayor stands tough and doesn't give in to this barbarism.

  14. I wish all the 'middle of the roaders' would just be honest with themselves. In your worst nightmare, you would not want the Eda to win this fight. Why? because then YOUR rights to do what YOU want will be next. Sure, chillul shabbos is an exciting banner to wave (and obviously I wouldn't be dancing in the streets about it), and how careful was the Mayor to respect all the issues? non Jewish workers, no payment...but when it comes down to it, allowing the Eda and their extremist mentality to get their way is only setting you up for further misery down the road.

    I really don't see how this is any different than radical Islam, the Taliban and the dreams of a global Caliphate with Sharia Law being the only way...

    This is much much more than just a kavod habri'ot issue (which is definitely is).

  15. mrsrbs - you are 100% right. I don't want to support chillul shabbos, not that I am aware of how there is chillul shabbos happening here (atmosphere of chillul shabbos perhaps even if none actually increased, maybe) any more than before. people were driving anyway - now they just have organized parking. But I also do not want to support the Eida.

    Their way is not the way of most frum Jews. Not in the way they fight their battles and not in the way they live their lifestyle. They can live however they want, but because they take up the fight in public, they become representative of the rest of frum jewry. Even if most others do not really agree with them, they will almost never say so for fear of looking as if they are supporting chillul shabbos.

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  17. Shaul - this is not their neighborhood. Granted it is not far from their neighborhood, but it is not in their neighborhood

  18. Rafi -
    If they can see it, it's theirs.

  19. so who are the crips and who are the bloods? lol...

  20. Getting back to he issue of GUR they didn't support BARCAT only they were against PORUSH

  21. Do you still trust the hechsher of the eida charedis?

  22. Anon, it's not a question of trusting the Hechsher of Eidei Chareidis. However, their hechsher is a for-profit business and since some of those profits go to inciting this type of deviant behavior those of us who are opposed to the behavior should try (I know it's hard) to avoid products with their hechsher as much as possible.

  23. Menachem, I agree. My husband and I have decided to avoid them whenever possible.


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