Jun 16, 2009

Bibi on CBS (video)

PM Bibi Netanyahu gave CBS an interview about his positions, as mentioned in the speech the other day...

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  1. Words that will come back to haunt us:

    "The question is whether in a future settlement, the Palestinians would indeed enjoy self-rule. I, for one, have no desire whatever to rule over even a single Palestinian.

    The question is whether we can agree that they have sovereign authority, power that goes beyond self-rule, which every country has. This power would include:"

    the right to have full control over borders, through which they could import unlimited arms and solders. States control their own air space – a Palestinian state would have the right to shoot down any Israeli plane overflying it without permission. States have the right to make military alliances with other countries – a Palestinian state would have the right to make such alliances with Syria, Iraq, Libya, ets. States control the water sources underground – a Palestinian state would have the right to control the mountain aquifer which supplies about 30 percent of Israel’s water and most of our drinking water. Even those who support the establishment of a Palestinian state are unwilling under any circumstances to give this power to the Palestinians. But the moment we agree to give them a state, that is exactly what we would be giving them!"

    It must be understood that sovereignty has its own power. Even if an agreement limiting certain sovereign rights were signed, within a short time, this Palestinian state would demand to have all these rights and would realize them, whether we agreed or not.

    The world would not stand in the way of allowing the Palestinian state to appropriate all this authority, which would give it the power to destroy the State of Israel, but it would stand in our way if we tried to prevent it from realizing these rights."

    Who am I quoting? Katzeleh? Moshe Feiglin? Avigdor Lieberman?

    No. Guess again.

    Eizeh Hu Chacham? Ha'roeh et Ha'nolad. Stupid Jews!

  2. It is a bit disturbing that that is the one point everyone is harping on..but I guess it is the one everyone wants to know more about.

    I just hope he can hold firm on the conditions for such a state. In todays reality, I still think that that is the best he could possibly have done.

    I do like how he explained the need to continue building within settlements- people have babies and need kindergartens built.

  3. I'm opposed to a Palestinian state on principle. I do not think it can be kept demilitarized. And most Israelis would rather not find out what happens when the cute puppy grows up into a rabid beast.

  4. Rafi G. said...

    I do like how he explained the need to continue building within settlements- people have babies and need kindergartens built.


    Stop thinking like a ghetto occupant.


  5. Hi Rafi - Could you please post Moshe Feiglin's new speech in response to Obama and Netanyahu. We have it posted in a couple places on youtube. manhigut2 and also the new Jewish Leadership Channel. Linking to either one would be great.

    Here is the link to the new channel - don't forget to favorite the video and write a comment. Thanks! and many brachos for you and your family - and lots of yiddishe nachas!



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