Jun 7, 2009

Interesting Posts #16

1. Treppenwitz got together with some other bloggers, and witnessed a strange sight...

2. Danny Brothers is finishing the first 7 months of army service and having his masa kumta. Wish him well for the next stage...

3. A Mother in Israel has an interview with a former kannoi - Part 1 and Part 2.

4. Michel's Thoughts has the story of how Oprah helped someone say kaddish for his father..

5. 404 has a new pashkevil spotted in Bnei Brak - Internet causes cancer...

6. DoubleTapper has some info on Israeli counter-terrorism units..


  1. The story about kaddish was amusing but i can't believe it was that hard to find a minyan to say kaddish in Chicago even in 1995, to the extent that he would turn down the show without even making a few phone calls.

  2. according to the JUF website, the first shul in chicago was founded in 1847. By 1880, there were 40 shuls in the area of the main Jewish community - I am sure between all of them there must have been a daily minyan available.

    So, it would be safe to say that since the late 1800s there have been daily minyanim in Chicago.

    But still it is a good story. Maybe he just did not know who to call....

  3. The phone book would be a good place to start.. That's how my father always found minyanim in random places.

    My "even in 1995" reference was to the pre-Google era. Now all you have to do is type in "chicago" and "minyan" and i'm sure you would get quite a few options, even without Oprah's producers. ;)


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