Jun 17, 2009

Yossi Sarid interview on his relations with haredim (video)

I have always been a "fan" of Yossi Sarid. He came off as anti-religious, but I never really found him to be so. I found him to be more "super-liberal". I always found Sarid to be a worthy adversary in the political scene. He is intelligent and always fought for what he believed in based on intelligence and belief, and not just because he was anti-religious or anti-settler or anti whatever.

His articles are a pleasure to read, even though I often do not agree with his opinion, and he is always a pleasure to listen to.

here is an interview, 45 minutes, Sarid gave to the Bechadrei Charedim news site. In it he discusses his relations with haredim, his friends, the parking lot protests, and more.

שריד from elimand on Vimeo.


  1. I heard Rav Yoel bin Nun say that he once joined Sarid for a Shabbos program that was run at a non-religious kibbutz.

    Although Sarid was a heavy smoker, he did not smoke that entire Shabbat (at least in public) out of respect for Rav bin Nun (who had never asked him).

  2. לא מדובשנו ולא מעוקצנו

  3. I also liked Yossi Sarid.A lot of the hatred from the charedim came because of his left-wing outlook regarding the Israel/Arab conflict.
    IOW a right-wing person would have been looked upon more favourably, for instance Rafael Eitan anti-charedi stance did not bother much the charedim, because he was right-wing.
    Now on the opposite side, look at Melchior from Meimad. Although he is religious (certainly more than Eitan was or Ariel Sharon) he is hated by the charedim because of his left-wing stance. His religiosity does not help him. Charedi newspapers interviewed chiloni personalities but would never have interviewed him.
    Even Sharon the darling of the charedim who visited the Gedolim in their house became vilified first because of his political moderation and only after for his anti charedi stance.
    So really one can get away being anti-charedi by being politically right wing. Y. Sarid is not like this so nothing he says will help.


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