Jun 29, 2009

Interesting Posts #31

1. Mimi form the Israeli Kitchen was in the shuk and asked various vendors what their Friday night menus consist of. Very interesting variations.

2. JoeSettler describes what actually happened in the case of the haredi guy who hit an Ethiopian with his car that is being used to keep Justice Drori off the Supreme Court (I saw the court decision and Joe's version is accurate).

3. The Rebbetzins Husband comments on the way people talk..

4. Hadassah posted part 4 in her "Why I moved to Israel" series...

5. Josh did some research on the segulah of Amtelai bas Karnevo... strange results....


  1. Regarding the segulah post I have a great segulah. I really needed to rent a car and normally they don't give me a problem, even though I am an oleh and don't have an Israeli licence but a foreign one. I am nervous however, and this time they actually said it would be a problem and the people in the car rental started having a discussion. Meanwhile I "did" my segulah and magically they let me have the car this time, and reccomended I get aan Israeli licence. What was the magic segulah? Pledging money to tzedakah X? Something more mystical? No. Something very simple. Davening. And thinking אין עוד למבדו and that Hashem is in control.

  2. I think the guy in the last photo of he Fri night menues is Rahm Emanuel.


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