Jun 15, 2009

Only in Israel: Insurance with emuna

I got a phone call last night from an insurance agent wanting to update his file.
He had a list of questions to run through with me, and they included questions about diseases the agency wanted to know if I have.

Every time he mentioned the name of an illness or disease, the guy said a combination of "chas v'shalom"s and "she'lo neida"s ("God forbid" and "We should not know from it"). He did not just mention it once at the beginning or end of the conversation to be nice. He mentioned it every time he had to ask about a sickness.

A little jolt of emuna reminder from the insurance guy...Only in Israel.


  1. Why is that " Only In Israel " ?? It would be anywhere there are frum people. I bet in Monsey, Lakewood and Brooklyn it would be the same thing

  2. anon - there was nothing frum about this. This was not a local agent. It is a clerk in a national insurance firm. Yes, he might have been religious, but highly unlikely. I have never before in my dealings with them encountered religious clerks. Yet every time I talk with them, or other insurance companies, this is how they talk. It is the culture.

  3. To follow up, it would be very unprofessional for a frum clerk to speak to a non-Jew like that.

    In Israel, it's assumed to be appropriate, but also, understood.

  4. Baruch Hashem!

  5. Avira Machkioma.

    Can we talk Netanyahus speech.

    I will now admit that I was mistaken in supporting the right wing (Ichud Leumni these past elections.

    Feiglin can also take a hike.

    If the Beebster keeps up his brilliant performance he has my vote next time. (hopefully in 5 years.

  6. I had the same experience with my phone insurance agent also last year.

    It was all "shelo neida" and "chas v'shalom".

    Of course, last week when i called to complain about something to misrad hapnim, we got into a conversation about how my son and her brother are named "Elyakim" and it's such a rare name, how funny, etc.

    She wished me a mazel tov on his recent birthday and was very helpful.


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