Jun 7, 2009

Only in Israel

Gary from Kosher Casuals told me the following "Only in Israel" story during our Friday morning tortuous run up a a mountain the other day..

Gary went to pick up a Torah scroll being returned to his shul after it was lent out for a person in mourning to use for the week of shiva.

As he was walking to the car, carrying the Torah, there was a garbage truck about 100 meters away, picking up the garbage.

One of the sanitation engineers saw the Torah being transported. He put down the refuse container and ran over to kiss the Torah. He also let the car with the Torah pass and go first before the garbage truck.


  1. There are stupid Jews in Israel. But there are also Jews who revere Torah. I'm betting those revere the Torah give the country hope in the face of all the dangers surrounding it. For with G-d, the Jewish people can endure all the trials sure to come!

  2. Wow, NormanF, that was so profound!

  3. Norman, there are prices to be paid.

    I shake my head every time my lame brain tries to figure out why G-d treats us this way and that way throughout history.

    Endure? Yes. But at what price? What will we have to go through? How much more? How much longer?

    As an example of things to come:

    Who is Mashiach be Yosef?

    I know there's a happy ending but you can't so easily skip to the end in this book.


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