Jun 28, 2009

Interesting Posts #30

1. Snoopy is hosting this week's edition of Haveil Havalim - the Hot and Humid edition - #223.

2. Hirschel Tzig has the pics of a recent meeting of askanim from Bnei brak with the Satmar Rebbe - a doctored pic and the original. And he makes an interesting point.

3. Pesky Settler quotes an article about how the Palestinians are in favor of continued settlement construction. Simply to provide the PA Arabs with jobs.

4. At Moving on Up they have the latest on aliyah, about how they got their new drivers licenses.

5. A Soldiers Mother recaps the efforts to raise awareness of Gilad Shalit's plight this past Thursday via Twitter. I am proud to say I was part of it.

6. In David Ben-Gurion's blog (amazing what can happen with the internet, isn't it - this blog refreshes Ben-Gurions old writings and letters in a blog format) he describes his meeting with the Hazon Ish about keeping shabbos. He quotes the Hazon Ish as having said, "There are things for which we will give our lives. Despite the fact that we are a minority, if we give up of ourselves, we will be strong, and no power will be able to overcome us."

7. Reb Akiva posts a funny joke about same-sects marriage in the ultra-orthodox world....

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