Jun 23, 2009

Win $36,000!

Hakshiva is holding a fundraising raffle.

Hakshiva is saying NO.
Hakshiva is saying NO to kids who need mentors.
Hakshiva is saying NO to parents who need guidance and support.
Hakshiva is saying NO to shuls, schools, and members of the community who
have turned to us for help in dealing with the challenges of exploding
population growth of adolescents in our community .
Hakshiva is saying NO to half a dozen projects that would make a huge
difference to the healthy growth of our community.
But it’s not really Hakshiva saying NO. It’s the community that is saying NO.
As our community grows, so do the needs of the children and adolescents of
the community. Hakshiva has responded to these needs with a unique
multifaceted approach aimed at offering each child in our community the
ability to maximize his or her potential. Hard financial times have left Hakshiva
struggling to make its monthly budget. Instead of looking forward and
planning new and exciting projects for next year, Hakshiva is ghting to
maintain current programming.
Hakshiva is going to be fine.
But is Ramat Beit Shemesh going to be fine?
Please support Hakshiva by buying a ticket in our upcoming Ra e. Grand
Prize $36,000. First Prize $10,000. Second Prize (25 winners) $500 worth of
electronics at www.digitalbundle.com.
Tickets cost: $36 or 150 Shekels.
ere is a discount for more tickets.
Please call 077 228 5320 or email or amy@hakshiva.com
or visit http://www.hakshiva.com/2009-ra e
Please join us. For the future of our community.

Hakshiva is a wonderful organization that helps local kids who need a "big brother" and extra attention. They help them succeed in school and in life, by helping get through their issues and problems.

If you can help Hakshiva, so they can continue saying yes to developing programs for the kids, and so they can continue saying yes to the kids, and parents, who turn to Hakshiva, it would be like saving a life. In todays bad economy, they have had a hard time raising money for their programs. Here is a way to help them and possibkly help yourself by entering the raffle, but definitely helping yourself by having an organization like Hakshiva be able to continue functioning in RBS.

Buy a raffle ticket for the Hakshiva raffle.


  1. Is there a way to get the yossi sarid video sent to me? It is not working well on this site, it stops at 2.6 minutes. My email address is drivewithcaren@gmail.com

    thanks, cvmay

  2. Are THEY Listening?June 22, 2009 8:13 AM

    I have several problems with Hakshiva:

    1) As a parent I went to them for guidance. The answer I received is that we really only deal with the kids

    2)I was told by a city council member that hakshiva is getting city money this year..the only organziation in RBSA that is. I can't believe that their situation is all that bad.

    3) They claim to need 25K (dollars) a month. For what? Other than pizza parties and ski trips (which kids have to pay towards) the only real cost is salaries.
    Are you telling me that they have so much in salaries?

  3. tzip - the best I can do is send you to the original... http://vimeo.com/5179284

  4. I'm saying NO to Hakshiva because they say YES to Rav Kornfeld.

    Having someone like him as their authority and policy maker is absurd.

    he isn't the solution to our teen's problems...he is part of the cause.

  5. Hakshiva is not about politics. It is about the kids - kids who go to just about any and every shul in RBS. That means that your kid's classmate or close friend - or even your own - might need their services, be they the proactive mentoring services, or services down the road. Whatever your haskhafot - please see beyond the bitterness of local politics and help ALL these kids of all Orthodox stripes - b/c that's what Hakshiva is aiming to do. BTW - feel free to call them up and ask them which Rabbanim in the area give them support. They enjoy practically unanimous support throughout the Rama. Avram G.

  6. Dear Avram G,

    Excuse me. Hakshiva is not above politics. I know for a fact that their involvement with other organziations is limited because of the whims of Rav Kornfeld, Perlstein et al.

  7. Dear Anonymous,

    Your post was vague but I assume that what you mean is that you think that Hakshiva is not involved with Lemaan Achai because of politics. I know that Hakshiva has worked in cooperation with Lemaan Achai for years as well as participated this year on a forum run by LA.

    As Avram mentioned Hakshiva is supported across the spectrum of our community. It is posts like yours that create more friction in a community unfortunately torn apart by conflict.

  8. to the parent..

    1) You can read more about the guidance and support that Hakshiva offers parents at this link. http://www.hakshiva.com/programs/family-services. You can also read endorsements from parents who have received help at a link on that page.

    Sometimes because of the depth of the conflict in the situation we advise parents to seek therapy. We are not currently able to offer therapy but many parents come in to meet with our social workers to receive guidance and support. You are welcome to make an appointment to speak to one of our social workers.

    2) After years of work and meetings we are grateful to have been put in to the budget for 2009. We have been slated to get 50,000 NIS which is 5% of our budget for this year. I have been told recently by a city official that most likely we will not get the money because the budget is not approved by Misrad Hapnim.
    Even if we do receive the money it is unfortunately much less than we need to make it until the end of the year.

    3) Yes most of Hakshiva's budget is salaries, salaries for people who are mentoring more than 100 children from our community. There are salaries for social workers and educational supervisors who are working with children and families. These services are defintely a lot more important than the pizza and the trips. Our youth center was a large part of our budget this year and we desperately need to expand.
    Everyone on our staff is working for less than they would receive if they were working privately and are working hours and hours overtime because they are dedicated to our mission of helping the children of RBS.


    Yonason Martin

  9. Naftali RischallJune 22, 2009 9:38 PM

    Re : Are they listening?

    1) Haksiva has social workers that deal with parents as well as the primary staff does. Though their main focus is working with the kids when communication with the parent has broken down. Other than that without giving all the particulars - which should not be done in a publc venue - it is impossible to respond.

    2) Hakshiva resolves issues that without their intervention would leave a greater responsibility on the Iriya that is a very good reason why the city feels that Hakshiva is worthy of assistance.

    3) Yes they have that much in salaries and other expenses such as maintaining a facility for the children to go to. Social workers that do answer parents calls, parenting seminars, interventon, group therapy and one on one mentoring does not happen without paying salaries.

    I have no problem clearly stating my name please feel free to contact me privately. Many many parents have a tremendous amount of thanks for Hakshiva for it's efforts and positive results seen from their children. That is why all the Rabbonim in the neighborhood, as well as Leman Achai, support Hakshiva . I have only heard positive comments from Leman Achai about Hakshiva and how vital the need for Hakshiva is.

    Heaven forbid what the results will be if we ignore these children. Other communities have and they where not pleased with the eventual results. It is easy to take anonymous sarcastic pot shots but that does not resolve any child's issues. What we should be doing is anything we can to resolve these issues and assist Hakshiva in it's vital cause.

    Naftali Rischall

  10. Thank you Yonasson and Naftoli (and all other Hakshiva workers) for all your hard, dedicated work. We're lucky to have people like you in this community

  11. To Are THEY listening - I am personally aware of numerous parents who have been advised and helped by Hakshiva. Have you seen the lecture series aimed at parents and members of the community? If by "guidance" you mean that they wouldn't provide you with counseling - there are organizations that do this, but that is not currently on their list of available service.

    To your point number 2 - it's sad that you don't understand that the fact that the City Council recognizes the outstanding work that Hakshiva is doing with the youth and THAT is why they are willing to help support Hakshiva. This is a feather in their cap and has nothing to do with how good or bad their situation is.

    As to point number 3 –What these children need is a stable environment and someone to talk to and the pizza parties and oneg and Shavuous night learning and the trips and the basketball and the mentoring are all part of this. Each of these things (and yes salaries are a part of that) cost money. Money that is being invested in your children and in your community. The people that are hired are professionals and if you want results (which Hakshiva has been getting), yes you have to pay for it.

    To Anonymous - why don't you say YES to Hakshiva because they say YES to Rabbi Danny Myers. This is my Rav and he is very supportive of Hakshiva and has been consulted on many issues. They are not a one shul organization or a one Rabbi organization.

    This is an organization that deserves and needs our support.

    Zvi F.


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